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A loss, a gift and a reflection: RIP Christine Braswell

The LouKa pistol course class photo. Christine's on the far left.

Saturday I got two texts: one saying that a friend had been in a car accident and was critical. The second saying that she didn't make it. Christine Braswell was an amazing woman I had the good fortune to meet because of a series of random confluences. My life has been greatly enriched by the very short time I spent with her. Her passing, unexpected and fast, has inspired a pause to reflect, be grateful for the people in my life and to let the things go that aren’t important.

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Diana Rathborne
Situational Awareness: Hope is NOT a Plan.

Of the many gifts the martial arts journey has given me, the people I’ve gotten to know, learn from and train with is up at the top of my list. This past week, one of my friends and training partners from the Active Countermeasures Group (ACG) volunteered his time to talk to my Women’s Self Defense class at Minneapolis Community Technical College. His presentaion exposed these young women to the highest level instruction and cutting edge information on situational awareness. I've watched them throughout the semester learn and become both aware and proactive in their day to day self protection.

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A Short Holiday Workout!

With the holidays and family and too much great food, this seems like a good time to post one of my favorite no time and need to hit something workouts! 

You’ll each need a pair of sticks, a pair of gloves, a pair of thai pads and one pair of focus mitts between the two of you.  Each round is 4...

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Diana Rathborne