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Upcoming Events:

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August 5: Blue Springs, MO: Women's Self Defense Seminar 9am - 1pm

Freedom Fitness & Health. Contact Sarah Montgomery (816) 598-8333


August 6: Blue Springs, MO: self Defense (Co-ed) 1:30 - 3:30pm

Target Time Defense. Contact: 816-399-4154


August 12: Seattle, WA: Women's Self Defense  12 - 5:30pm

August 13: Seattle, WA: Martial Arts - (topic TBA: Kali, JKD, Muay Thai.. martial arts melange - Check back!)

MKG Seattle.  Contact :  www.mkgseattle.com

September 21: Minneapolis, MN: Northeast Library Self Defense 5:30pm


October 14: Madison, WI: Women's Self Defense Seminar

MKG Madison. Contact: www.mkgmadison.com

October 21: Minnesota Kali Group: Women's Self Defense


Current Ongoing Classes:

Fall semester Diana will be teaching the women's self defense class at MCTC. 

(locations in orange: come drop in to the class! Fees are collected by the host.)

Minnesota Kali Group: 

  • Phase 1 & 2 (a martial arts mix: Kali/JKD, Muay Thai).  Mondays 11am - 12:30 www.mnkali.com

Bills Gun Shop and Range:  

  • Upcoming Sessions: start mid September. 

Private Lessons and Workshops:

Diana is available for private lessons at the MN Kali Group, Bills Gun Shop & Range, her private studio or at your location.  Book directly with her.

  • Martial Arts: Kali, Jun Fan/JKD, Muay Thai, Grappling Arts, MKG Method

  • Self Defense: Corporate, Women's, Seniors, off to college

  • Mentoring: martial art students & instructors

  • LE/Mil topics

Private Lessons:   $100/hour (2 person max.) or $150 for a small group (3 - 6 people).

Group Classes:

"Pop up" last minute group classes in South Minneapolis.. $15. Martial arts training and workouts around the city. We're 'Beta testing' the idea! Follow Diana on Facebook for info!


Diana is available for seminars on a number of topics.  Email her for her daily rates and seminar fees.

Schedule a one or two day seminar at your martial arts schools, LE organization or business. We will customize the content and curriculum for you and your students.

  • Martial arts: Kali, Muay Thai, Jun Fan/JKD, MKG Method, Panantukan

  • Self Defense

  • Self Defense, Combatives and a Martial arts mix

The remainder of 2017 we are extending an 'existing customer' discounted rate*:  Half Day: $450/3 hrs.; Full Day: $800/6 hrs.; Weekend: $1500.   Regular Rates are $1,000/day.. a nice savings! To book, contact Diana at diana.rathborne@gmail.com or via phone at 612-805-6903

Law Enforcement clients, contact Diana for rates

*Price does not include transportation, lodging or meals.

Martial arts Instructor Development, Mentoring and Coaching:

One of the areas of martial arts we are passionate about is helping others become or grow as a martial arts instructor.  If your goal is to become an instructor, or if you already are one and are looking to clarify your next steps, we can help with that process!

Phone and email consultations are available in 15 minute blocks.  Base fee is $15 per block.  Packages with discounted rates are available.

RT Self Defense and Martial Arts Instructor Credentialing:

Self Defense Instructor:

For those of you who have been with us for a long time, thank you for your ongoing support for the curriculum and the program.  As we develop and grow this program, your input is welcome and encouraged. 

Martial Arts Instructor Credentials:

We are developing this program and would love your input.  Contact us directly for a list of the requirements and how to get on board in this exciting new chapter of Rathborne Training.

Guro Di is available for private lessons at the MN Kali Group, Bills Gun Shop & Range, her private studio or at your, or another, location.  We are working on adding online scheduling. In the interim, contact her via the website, text, phone, email or facebook.