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Events for Rathborne Training Include Martial Arts and Self Defense Seminars, Workshops and Private lessons. Diana Rathborne has held seminars Nationally and Internationally. 

10:00 AM10:00

Self Defense and Kali Weaponry Workshops


It's a huge honor to bring two training workshops to the world famous Trident Academy in Woodbridge, Virginia! Join us Saturday, April 7th for either or both of these workshops:

 - A 3 hour Women's Self Defense Workshop (Women only) 

- A 2 hour Kali Weaponry Workshop! (Co-ed) This workshop will help you gain confidence in the functionality of some of your Kali skills. Kali/JKD training excels in training progression: the ultimate marriage of mindset and skillset!  Register through Trident Academy here: http://www.tridentmartialarts.com/diana-rathborne/#.WpYWjiJMGEc

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8:00 AM08:00

Warrior Mindset Development Drills for Law Enforcement (ILEETA Conference)

This class will be held on Friday March 23rd at the 2018 ILEETA Conference in St. Louis, MO. The conference runs from Monday 3/19 through Saturday 3/24 and is full of phenomenal classes on every conceivable pertinent topic. It's an honor to learn with and from great instructors from all over. I love being able to spend a week learning as much as I can from these experts.

The opportunity to pass on the cutting edge training methods and curricula from my instructors to the LE training community is both exciting and rewarding.


Conference and organization information can be found via this link: 


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8:00 AM08:00

Tactical Shooting and Empty Hand Self Defense Skills Course


This 8 hour class is for those with basic firearms skill who wish to add empty hands self defense to their personal protection knowledge.

A solid self defense base is a combination of the awareness to identify and avoid the situations you can and the skills, confidence and mindset to use the appropriate tools and your body’s weapons if you have to. You will learn how to become aware of and avoid potential threats, as well defend yourself against common strikes and grabs. Fun drills combine ingraining a solid defensive structure with a robust offensive skill set and the proper mindset.

Instructors: Diana Rathborne and Kim Stroud

Diana Rathborne is one of the top female self defense and martial arts instructors in the US. She based in Minneapolis and teaches nationally and internationally.

Kim Stroud is a leading Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and Top Law Enforcement Shooter for over 19 years. She is also a internationally and nationally renowned competition Shooter.

Required Equipment:

  • Your handgun
  • 300 rounds ammunition
  • holster either concealed or open
  • mag pouches
  • hearing and eye protection
  • a notebook
  • water

Course cost: $195 (Space is limited to 10. If the course sells out, we will put you on the waiting list.)

To reserve your space or for further information contact: Kim Stroud: kstroud5@tampabay.rr.com (941)323-4322 Registration information is also available if you[][1]Follow the link to the event on Gun Craft's Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/369154546866513/

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11:00 AM11:00

Combat Casualty Care for anyone and everyone!

IMG_0270 2.jpg

Combat Casualty Care is usually only available to military and Law enforcement personnel. In this day and age of terrorism and active shooter events, we all should know some of these life saving skills. This 3.5 hour workshop will cover the big 3 causes of preventable death: massive blood loss, compromised airway, lung collapse.

Each participant will leave with useable and pertinant knowledge, an amazing experience and a tournequit. Bring a notebook, an open mind and something to eat on the breaks.


Instructor: HP Lefler is a veteran of the US Army Special Forces and a TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) Instructor. Not only has he used these skills, he has also taught them to many hundreds of ROTC cadets. Fresh out of the military after 22 years, including multiple combat deployments, we are lucky to have him present this material for Rathborne Training. HP's depth of knowledge, personal experience and passion for teaching promises an exceptional workshop. The last one was fun, serious and full of life saving information and stories about his days as a Green Beret.

When: Sunday, January 21 from 11am - 2:30 pm

Where: Bills Gun Shop and Range - 4080 W. Broadway Ave, Robbinsdale, MN

Fee: $109. Includes tournequit

Time: 11am - 2pm

Space is limited: Register today!

Brought to you by HP Lefler and Rathborne Training, LLC. If you have any questions, contact Diana Rathborne at 612 805 6903 or via email: diana.rathborne@gmail.com

Space is limited to 25 participants. Hit the 'Buy Now' button to register or contact Diana.

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Self Defense Class
6:15 PM18:15

Self Defense Class

This two hour Self Defense Basics class is a great abbreviated course.  Learn the principles of avoidance and awareness as well as the simple actions and skills you can use to defend yourself!  Fun, relaxed atmosphere and great skills with a top self defense instructor.

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