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Bio and Credentials

   About Guro Diana:

 Diana began her training in 1991 with Guro Rick Faye (Guro means ‘master instructor’ in the Filipino martial arts systems), the owner and head Instructor of  the Minnesota Kali Group. In 1993 she  began her journey as a martial arts instructor. Her first classes were women's self defense classes and twice weekly 'Phase 1' classes. A weekly Knife class, a Thai Boxing class and substitute teaching for Guro Faye comprised her teaching commitments for over 20 years.  She had the opportunity to learn more about the arts by teaching everything from Trapping to Grappling. Sometimes her martial arts instructor residence involved teaching as many as 20 classes per week for Guro Faye.

Around the same time, Diana was introduced to and began to learn from Marcus Wynne via his 'Nakita Project' self defense courses and the Jedi Ventures executive protection course called Close Quarter Countermeasures for VIP protection. His course educated her on stress based functioning in threat to life situations and became an integratal part of the MKG and Women's Self Defense programs. 

Her apprenticeship of continuous training and an impressive number of hours as both a student and an instructor, led to acceptance in the prestigious Inosanto instructor program in1995. In 998 with lots of coaching, support and hard training, she took the Thai Boxing Association's instructors test. Today she has been awarded Full Instructor status in each of those systems. Over the same time period she met, learned from and train under Sensei Erik Paulson, founder of CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling). Guro Diana has been exposed to phenomenal instructors in the US, Spain, Germany and the UK all of whom helped her develop as a martial artist and as a martial arts instructor.

October 2015 - February of 2016, Diana was on the road on a training sabbatical. Her goal of broadening her martial skills base included training in martial arts, self defense and firearms. Her focus continues to be the creation and development of a martial arts and self defense program that enhances the defensive capability, offensive skills, physical, mental and spiritual health of her students. After her training 'walkabout' Diana was back at her home base in Minneapolis but continued traveling to learn from the best in martial arts, instructor development and firearms training from around the US. During this time, she formalized her martial arts and self defense training company with the launch of this website. 

Guro Diana's ability to bring self defense and martial arts training to all skill levels: the complete novice to the experienced professional is widely known and well regarded. She is currently an adjunct professor at Minneapolis Community Technical College and is teaching two martial arts, self defense and combatives classes each week at Bills Gun Shop and Range in Robbinsdale, MN Contact her through email, phone or text.  References are available upon request.  Diana is also on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


The list is included for your convenience. There are links to each of these instructor's businesses on the links page and are listed by state.  If you have any questions on anything in here or on the website, feel free to email us at diana.rathborne@gmail.com. 

Martial Arts & Self Defense Instructorships

  • Level 4 Instructor:  Sifu Rick Faye: The MKG Method (Kali, Muay Thai, Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Panantukan, Grappling arts)
  • MKG Self Defense: Rick Faye
  • Full Instructor: Guro Dan Inosanto: Jun Fan Martial Arts / Jeet Kune Do  Concepts (JKD)
  • Full Instructor: Guro Dan Inosanto: Kali/The Filipino Martial arts
  • Full Instructor: Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) 
  • Instructor: Guro Rick Faye: Panantukan (Filipino boxing)
  • Coach - Level 2: Sensei Erik Paulson: Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) 
  • Staff Instructor: The Minnesota Kali Group - MKG International HQ - Minneapolis, MN - 1993-Present
  • Program Director & Head Instructor:  the Women’s Self Defense Program                                                                               

Law Enforcement Related:

  • Instructor: Course graduate: Pistol and Rifle Instructor for Law Enforcement - Alex. Tech
  • Instructor: Guro Rick Faye:  Edged Weapon Defense for Law Enforcement
  • Instructor: Defensive Tactics - Alexandria Technical College
  • Graduate: Basic LE Firearms Instructor - Course: Alexandria Technical College, 2015
  • Graduate: Developmental Marksmanship for the Female Shooter: Louka Tactical, 2015
  • Graduate: GWRAPs Weapon Retention, SIRT Pistol, Adv. Ground Survival - Coach Course: Don Gulla's Arrestling2016
  • Graduate: Survival Pistol for the Female Officer: Louka Tactical, 2016
  • Graduate: Understanding and Training the Female Shooter: Louka Tactical, 2016
  • Graduate, Advanced Training - Seattle Police Department, 2006

        Additional Education, Experience, Training:

  • Rogers Shooting School: Basic Handgun, 2016
  • 2 day Intermediate Pistol: Shaw Shooting, 2016
  • Pistol and Combatives: Defoor Proformance Shooting, 2016
  • Pistol, Combatives and Victim Selection: Dave Harrington, Paul Sharpe, William April
  • Pistol and Rifle Base instruction, Dave Harrington
  • Pistol instruction, Claude Werner (Tactical Professor)
  • Unthinkable, April Risk Consulting
  • Environmental Manipulation/Araindrop, Graham Tradecraft, 2015
  • Fight Judge: TBA Sanctioning Amateur Muay Thai Tournament: 2012 - 2106
  • Offensive Driving: Sealed Mindset, 2015
  • Advanced Threat Assessment & Management - Gavin DeBecker & Associates, 2009
  • Graduate: Close quarter Countermeasures for VIP Protection - Marcus Wynne, CQB Services, 1996