Rathborne Training
Customized Martial Arts & Self Defense Training

Self Defense

Learn to defend your body, identify and avoid potential trouble, gain skills and be confident.



Lessons, Workshops, and Seminars on Realistic Self Protection and Personal Safety

Highly regarded for their ability to teach and ingrain effective and realistic skills, our workshops are delivered in an environment that is both fun and conducive to learning.  

Our Self Defense  Seminars offer:

  • Qualified Instruction personally from expert coach Diana Rathborne

  • Learn the physical skills using your own body to defend yourself.

  • Learn to identify and avoid potential trouble. 

  • Become confident that if you ever need the skills, you WILL be able to use what you learned.

  • Learn to defend attacks from the front, the back, the side and the ground. 

  • Becoming aware can save your life.  Learn what and how to pay attention. 

  • A fun approach to a serious topic.

Background: Our program was originally created by Guro Rick Faye in the early 1980s. Over the last 20+ years Guro Diana has enhanced and customized the initial material. In addition to creating a great self defense product, she built an instructor development program for the curriculum.

It's sources are the Filipino Martial Arts, the Jun Fan Martials, the Jeet Kune Do Concepts, the anatomy, science and study of the human body's response to threat to life stress as taught by Marcus Wynne as well her own research and exploration of the subject.

Tailored to your needs, the private lessons, workshops and seminars range from 60 minutes to 8 hours. 

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