Awareness, Physical Skill, Mindset:

-the three pillars of our functional self protection and personal safety classes.

We have a variety of self defense training formats to help you develop the awareness, physical skills and mindset that could save your life.

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun environment where you can learn and ingrain effective and realistic self defense skills.  

Learn how to be aware and what to do!

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Background: Our program was originally created by Guro Rick Faye in the early 1980s. Over the last 20+ years Guro Diana has enhanced and customized the initial material. In addition to creating a great self defense product, she has built an outstanding self defense instructors program for the curriculum.

Sourced from the Filipino Martial Arts, the Jun Fan Martials and the Jeet Kune Do Concepts, curriculum is paired with knowledge on the anatomy, science and study of the human body's response to threat to life stress as taught by Marcus Wynne.

Tailored to your needs, private lessons, workshops and seminars on self defense topics range from 60 minutes to 8 hours. 


Reality based Self Defense Training tailored to the needs of corporate, group and private training.


"There’s only one basic principle of self-defense - you must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target."

- Bruce Lee