Diana's Bio


The RT story: It all started when...

Diana Rathborne began training in the martial arts in 1991 at the Minnesota Kali Group. Under the tutelage of Guro Rick Faye (Guro means ‘master instructor’ in the Filipino martial arts systems), the owner and head Instructor of the Minnesota Kali Group she began her journey as a martial arts instructor and as the manager of the school.

Around the same time, Diana began to learn from Marcus Wynne via his 'Nakita Project' self defense and Jedi Ventures executive protection training courses. An invaluable education on stress based functioning in threat to life situations became an integral part of the MKG, Law Enforcement and Women's Self Defense programs.

From 1993 - 2015, Diana did much of the business, administrative and instructor management and development for the Mn Kali Group. She also taught classes in every discipline and ran the Women’s Self Defense, Women’s Kickboxing programs. Developed a Muay Thai fight team and was active in the Law Enforcement officer training program.

Her apprenticeship of continuous training and an impressive number of hours as both a student and an instructor, led to acceptance in the prestigious Inosanto Instructor association, Thai Boxing Association and Combat Submission Wrestling coach programs

October 2015 - February of 2016, Diana was on the road on a training sabbatical. Her goal of broadening her martial skills base included training in martial arts, self defense and firearms. Her focus continues to be the creation and development of a martial arts and self defense program that enhances the defensive capability, offensive skills, physical, mental and spiritual health of her students. After her training 'walkabout' Diana was back at her home base in Minneapolis but continued traveling to learn from the best in martial arts, instructor development and firearms training from around the US. During this time, she formalized her martial arts and self defense training company with the launch of this website.