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Rathborne Training


Customized Martial Arts & Self Defense


Areas of Practice


Martial Arts

Develop your knowledge and skills with the martial arts of Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, the Filipino Martial Arts / Kali, Panantukan (Filipino Boxing), Muay Thai - Thai Boxing, Silat and the Grappling Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and CSW).

Self Defense

Realistic Self Protection and Personal Safety.  Learn to defend your body, identify and avoid potential trouble, become aware, confident and skilled. Physical skills combine with enhanced knowledge to keep you safe.

Specialty Specific

Customized curriculum develops and installs effective, functional movement for those who’s profession requires them to rely on the ability to physically perform under stress. Our customer base is this area is primarily law enforcement, security, military and athletes. We are excited to serve any field that might benefit from enhanced movement training.

World-class instruction brought to your training venue!

A tiered approach to self defense and martial art development.

Expert coaching from professional, highly certified instructors.

A customized experience that will be effective, creative, challenging and fun.

We help you develop the physical attributes needed to perform.

Develop practical, reality based martial arts and self defense related skills in a customized training experience.


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