About Rathborne Training


It is our belief that the development of martial arts skills and defensive capability can enhance the lives, security, and sense of well being of people from all walks of life. Rathborne Training offers a customized approach to martial arts and self defense skill development using the philosophy and developmental exercises of Kali, Jun Fan/JKD and Muay Thai. To read how we got started and about the founder, Diana Rathborne, a description of her martial arts journey can be found in the links below:

Diana's Bio 



A unique combination of physical challenge and intellectual stimulation:

  • Functional Self Defense Skill

  • Increased Health and Fitness

  • Increased Cognitive Function

  • Stress Relief

  • Confidence

  • Ongoing growth and development

  • Continuing education and mentoring options for coaches, trainers and instructors

  • Flexible learning structures: classes, workshops, seminars for private, group and corporate clients

Our programs are fun, friendly and challenging for any fitness or experience level: from the novice to the professional. If your goal is to be able to defend yourself, improve your health or to create an impressive set of martial arts skills, we can help you get there!




We look forward to being a part of  your martial arts and self defense quest.

Contact us at 612-805-6903, diana.rathborne@gmail.com or via social media (facebook, instagram, linkedIn)