Our Martial Art Training Stresses:

  • Constant training and growth

  • Effective skill development

  • Sound progression through state of the art drills and training methods

  • An experience that is always both fun and functional. 


The Arts: 

Kali (the Filipino Martial Arts) & Panantukan: 

The Filipino martial arts have a fierce combative history. Proven over many centuries, much of the art is still in use today. All ages and physical abilities can benefit from this ancient and functional system. Kali is a weapon based system: sticks, swords, knives, staff/spear, empty hands and all manner of weapons from flexible to projectile. It is fun to learn, a great way to develop hand eye coordination, fluid and adaptable movement, effective defense, body mechanics, speed and many other attributes. It is unbelievably effective and is known for it's ability to develop fighters who can adapt offensively and defensively as the situation changes.

The Jun Fan Martial Arts:

The curriculum researched and developed and taught by Bruce Lee.  SiFu Dan Inosanto was one of only three people certified to teach this art by Bruce Lee. He is largely responsible for carrying the art forward to today and sharing it with tens of thousands of students. An inspiration to thousands of martial artists world wide, Guro Inosanto continues to teach around the world. In his eighties he is humble, brilliant and a true master of the many martial arts he is the head of.

The Jeet Kune Do Concepts:

Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee’s philosophy of developing in and through the martial arts. His theories broke open the martial arts training on a number of levels and is the kernel that spawned the UFC and the sport of MMA. The philosophy is not taught by itself as it's goal is individual expression of the arts.  The principles, however, are taught in every session.

Muay Thai - Thai Boxing:

This kickboxing art is the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai, known as Thai Boxing in many parts of the world, is a ring sport characterized by phenomenal conditioning, a highly effective defense and an impressive offense. The art’s fighting style has a formidable clinch range that utilizes knees, elbows and off balancing. Muay Thai training is a fun, intense workout that installs it’s excellent defense with a fierce offense.


 An integral part of both the Inosanto system and the MKG Method, this art has its roots in the Philippines, Indonesia. A martial art that is combat driven, it has a unique style emphasizing leverage, devastating and destructive blows and take downs with and without a knife.

The Grappling Arts:

 The grappling and ground fighting arts are blended from many systems: Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Silat, Jun Fan, CSW (Erik Paulson’s system: Combat Submission Wrestling. CSW is a blend of Catch as catch can wrestling, shoot wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and many other arts).  The MKG Method, the Inosanto martial arts and CSW form the base for the RT offerings in this range.  

The MKG Method:

Rick Faye’s Phase program is a blend of all the arts above with his distinctive and popular method of student development. The emphasis on creating a great environment for learning as well as teaching the skills and developing the attributes that will enable students to defend themselves if need be and grow and progress through the many arts it teaches. the MKG Levels programs for each individual art are also a popular and effective method to develop within one of these many areas.

A variety of arts. Similar approaches to skill development, philosophy and training method customized to the student's needs and goals.

  • A progressive development of skills.

  • Development of the underlying attributes to make those skills work.

  • Techniques and movement patterns that will be effective under stress.

  • Injury free training methods utilizing drills to maximize repetition.

  • Reality based and functionality oriented.

  • Ensure the student has the ability to adapt to the reality of their environment.

  • Avoid the trap of becoming ‘motor set’ to one solution.

  • A learning environment that is fun and relaxed.

  • Adaptable to students' varying physicality, age, goals and personality.

Train in a single martial art, a mix of martial arts or a customized blend.