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Interview on Civilian Carry Radio!

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What an honor! I'll be on Civilian Carry Radio next Wednesday, July 20th. What a cool show/podcast and a great resource. The trainers interviewed are interesting, knowledgeable, professional come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a wide variety of approaches. Each of their stories has been fascinating to listen to.

A few of the instructors on the show, I've even had the privilege of learning from 'live and in person'. My quest to learn to shoot has been fun, surprising, challenging, amazing. I've learned about the skill set and how to develop the attributes required to perform well, training and the many flavors of it, and I"ve learned so much about teaching. Looking forward to the show!

There are a ton of different ways to watch or listen. The webiste with the whole list is here:

And the youtube channel is here: [][2]