Minnesota Kali Group

Monday's, 11AM-12:30PM

Weekly group class: Mondays: 11 - 12:30pm. Phase 1/mixed arts. Drop ins are welcome.

Contact us to hold a Martial arts or Self Defense class in your facilitY!


$100/hr (2 people) $150 for a small group (3 - 6 people). Rates for the other instructors are coming soon. Look for more info!


All lessons are custom created to meet the client’s needs. Some areas to choose from:

Martial arts:

Kali, Jun Fan/JKD, Muay Thai, Grappling Arts, MKG Method, a mix of any/all of the above. If you’re not sure we can help you develop your training plan.

Self Defense:

Corporate presentations, women specific or co-ed workshops, off to college, basic pistol familiarization

Law Enforcement:

We teach on a variety of topics: Edged weapons, Empty Hands, Ground, Impact Weapon, Developmental movement & conditioning for DT and Defensive skill development are some topics we routinely present. References available upon request.

Current Seminars:

To schedule a one or two day seminar contact us any time. We will customize the content and curriculum for you and your students.

• Martial arts: Kali, Muay Thai, Jun Fan/ JKD, MKG Method, Panantukan

• Self Defense and Women's Self Defense Mentoring: martial art students & instructors looking for their path in the arts as they develop will benefit from our coaching and mentoring.

One of the areas of martial arts we are passionate about is helping others become or grow as a martial arts instructor. If your goal is to become an instructor, or if you already are and wish to clarify your next steps, we can help with that process!

RT Self Defense and Martial Arts Instructor Credentialing:

• Self Defense Instructor: For those of you who have been with us for a long time, thank you for your ongoing support for the curriculum and the program. As we develop and grow this program, your input is welcome and encouraged. Learn and Train Page Current

• Martial Arts Instructor Credentials: We are developing this program and would love your input. Contact us directly for a list of the requirements and how to get on board in this exciting new chapter of Rathborne Training. Future offerings will include workshops and Lessons with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on a variety of topics including firearms and tactical medical. We are very excited to add this to our self defense menu. Contact us for rates, instructor bios and availability

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