Alternate (No Kicking) Birthday Workout

Gimped up Birthday Workout

This week I got to do a birthday workout with a gimped up friend and training partner. He has a torn ankle ligament and just graduated from a boot to a brace. The injury took kicks, knees, sweeps, off balancing and ground work all out of play, so we got a bit creative with the format! The workout combined a variety of drills from Kali, Jun Fan/JKD, Panantukan, Boxing and Muay Thai. It was fun and sufficiently taxing to meet the physical challenge and mile marker criteria that a birthday workout should represent! It is listed below with some additional notes.

Gimped up bdaywkout.pages.jpg


  • The knife section: knife tapping was 4 1/2 minutes (not 45).
  • There's no left/right designation for the punching for three reasons: (1) It would take a lot longer to type up. (2) Most days I can't tell my left from my right. (3) Laziness and physical dyslexia aside, it's unncessary! (See below.)
  • All the focus mitt and Thai pad combinations involve drills where the strikes come from alternating sides. Start on one side and alternate your lefts and rights until the combination ends.
  • I forgot to look at the clock for our start time, but I'm pretty sure it took between 40 - 60 minutes.
  • A birthday is not required! It would be a nice workout for a regular training partner training day. The number of reps is up to you.

If it sounds like it might be up your alley, give it a try!

Diana Rathborne