August Schedule for Self Defense and Martial arts trainings

Self Defense and martial arts workshops and seminars are coming up starting this weekend! September and October's schedules will be up soon. My blogging prowess is .. in development! Here is what's on so far!

As I am my own editor, marketer, proofreader, layout person, etc.. I am certain there will be a 'glitch' or two. Anything you notice that needs tweaking, definitely let me know. If it's within my technical repetoire, I'll fix it. If not.. hopefully it's a) entertaining b) not too big of a snafu.


Blue Springs, MO: August 5 & 6


Freedom Fitness & Health

Saturday, Aug. 5th: Women's Self Defense 9am - 1pm


Target Time Defense

Sunday, Aug. 6. Self Defense for Anyone (co-ed) 1:30p - 3:30p

Seattle, WA: 

MKG Seattle

Sat., Aug.12th 12 - 5:30pm: Women's Self Defense

 Sunday, Aug. 13: Kali, JKD, Muay Thai (time/topic still in the works!)






Robbinsdale, MN: Bill's Gun Shop.  Schedule  is coming soon!

Minneapolis: Northeast Library- September 21 5:30pm 2200 Central Ave NE


MKG Madison: Oct. 14: Women's Self Defense

Mn Kali Group: Oct. 21: Women's Self Defense

Diana Rathborne