Cool stuff & great people

This will be a pretty short and sweet post as I've a) hit my computer/electronics limit b) there are amazing martial artists in town and some phenomenal training to be had.

On point b): Phil Norman's Ghost workshop is this evening followed by two days of training with the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto. All at the location that served as my martial arts home for over 20 years, Guro Rick Faye's Mn Kali Group. So many martial artists who run their own schools are here to train for this weekend: Ralf Beckmann came from Germany, Peter Hetrick from Texas, Aaron Davis, Phil Norman, Vanessa Warwick, Jake Clarke, Steve Mosley and a host of others from the UK, Josh Prior from Madison, Kurt Cornwell from Detroit, Dave Hearst from Cleveland, etc. The list goes on!

Re: point a) I've had the priviledge of working with a really great, and patient, web designer over the last month or so. We let the new format rip this morning which is very exciting. It all required much time sitting down so, it's time for this martial artist to get some training in.

If you get a chance, check out the updates. There's a tshirt available for purchase and suggestions on improvements to the site are welcome. While it's not finished, it is finished (hopefully) for the weekend ahead!

Train Hard. Have Fun. Stay Safe and happy training.

Diana Rathborne